Give back on every equipment transaction through OpenMarkets Cares

July 31, 2019: OpenMarkets is excited to announce the launch of its newest program, OpenMarkets Cares- a way for healthcare providers to give back to a charitable organization through their day-to-day healthcare equipment work. Under the OpenMarkets Cares program, OpenMarkets will make a donation every time a purchase is made. This simple, automatic donation is made by OpenMarkets for every transaction, whether your organization is buying exam tables, surgical equipment or MRI machines, or if you are using OpenMarkets to sell your used equipment. 

For every completed transaction, OpenMarkets will pledge a monetary donation to a select charity every quarter on behalf of you and your organization. 

OpenMarkets Cares’ first charity is the Ronald McDonald House!

How to get started today:

  1. Use OpenMarkets to get a quote for your next equipment purchase (or a bid for the next piece of equipment you need to sell).
  2. You’ll receive quotes from your favorite suppliers, and can negotiate with them on the platform.
  3. Once you’ve selected your supplier, upload your PO to finish. 
  4. OpenMarkets will make a monetary donation for every completed purchase!

Why it Works: OpenMarkets strives to make the buying and selling of equipment easier. We do this because it helps healthcare providers improve the quality of care, remove waste and improve accessibility. 

Donations from OpenMarkets to the Ronald McDonald House are made possible by our unique revenue model. Healthcare providers and suppliers remove waste when working together on OpenMarkets. This keeps the cost-of-sale down for suppliers, who pay a small fee for each transaction facilitated on the platform. Donations to the Ronald McDonald House are generated through this model. 

“We’re offering healthcare providers a way to support charitable organizations around the country that’s simple and automatic,” said Trevor Wood, CEO of OpenMarkets. “We think they will love the opportunity to support the Ronald McDonald House and other organizations while improving the way they work with equipment suppliers. There’s no cap on how much OpenMarkets will donate, and we would like nothing more than to continually increase our ability to give back.”



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