Linet's Sprint 100 Transport Stretcher

For a limited time only, healthcare providers can access exclusive, low pricing on Linet’s Sprint 100 Transportation Stretcher

This deal is available through September 15th. Click here to get pricing on your exact needs, and know that if you order 10 or more stretchers a volume discount will be applied! 

Featuring their innovative IV & Drive technology, the Linet Sprint 100 is a stretcher you can push and steer from the IV poles. With these purpose built push handles, you can forget about nurses and transportation teams breaking the IV poles daily and instead feel confident you’ve made it easier for them to do their jobs. 

The IV & Drive technology creates: 

  • safer push angle for staff
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • improved maneuverability


The Sprint 100 brings more than just innovative IV & Drive technology, including: 

  • 4-segment positioning, allowing care-givers to adjust how a patient sits and lies in the stretcher at the press of a foot pedal
  • Shock absorbing 5th wheel to improve mobility
  • Safety-enhancing SoftDrop side rails
  • Convenient locking mechanism for castor brakes
  • 3 mattress options, including the popular 5.1” Advance Mattress, featuring a multi-layer foam comfort top and thermic temperature controls


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