Vascular Table, Video Integration & Surgical Light Bundle from Image Diagnostics

Build your mobile suite around best-in-class tables and video integration solutions by bundling together three key products from Image Diagnostics: 

  1. Aspect Vascular Tables
  2. ilex55 Mobile Video Integration System
  3. Sim.LED 4500 Surgical Light

For a limited time only, healthcare providers purchasing the Aspect Vascular Table and ilex55 Mobile Video Integration System will receive the Sim.LED 4500 at no charge. 

The Aspect 100-4T and ISR are the first imaging tables designed for use with flat detector C-Arms. Increased vertical travel reduces patient to detector air gap. A lower profile base expands C-arm positioning. Improved image quality and reduced dose with a low absorption carbon fiber top. Uncompromising Performance and Value: The 100-4T is the most cost effective solution for C-arm imaging in endovascular and interventional procedures where a 4-way floating tabletop and Trendelenburg tilt is desired. Moving up to the ISR adds isocentric roll.

• Best in class features in a product manufactured in the USA.
• 80″ of imaging area with headrest or peripheral extension
• 600 lb capacity (standard)
• Battery pack (standard)
• Backed by a 3+3 Warranty

The ilex55 mobile video integration system is the first mobile large field 4K UHD display solution with built-in integration for interventional cardiology and vascular procedures as well as GI and Neurosurgery.

• 55” UHD 4K monitor with 12 bit processing and expanded color pallet.
• Display up to four 27” diagonal equivalent 1920 x 1080p HD images at one time
• Bonded glass technology – spectacular black levels
• Four times the pixels of an HD monitor for sharper images
• Intelligent image management – customize and manage sources
• Monitor output in single/side-by-side and quad.
• Intuitive remote control for both source selection and position

Customers have reported these clinical benefits: Reduces the need for magnification. Dose reduction with less eye strain. Reduce contrast use and runs.

The Sim.LED 4500 is the perfect light for outpatient and minimally invasive surgery, providing ideal illumination, a uniform light field and excellent depth illumination. 




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