Supplier - Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly should I send a quote?#

As quickly as you can! The faster you quote, the more time you are giving the provider to choose your quote.

If I have multiple items on my quote, what should my quote total be?#

The quote total should reflect the total amount for the equipment requested, including any specific configurations. Optional add-ons, freight or warranty should be excluded.

What if there is not enough information to quote?#

Provide a general price range and ask for more specific details so you can quote the exact product they want.

What happens after I send a quote?#

The provider is notified of new activity every 10 minutes. A read receipt will indicate if they’ve looked at your message. Continue to check back in with the provider to see if they have any questions.

What if the lead I receive is outside my portfolio, I’m out of stock or just not interested in?#

Please click the “opt out of request” button. You can send a message to the provider as you opt out introducing yourself and explaining why you’re not engaging on the request. If you’re consistently seeing leads outside your portfolio, please contact the OpenMarkets team. We can make adjustments to your account so you’re only seeing leads you’re interested in pursuing.

What do I do if a provider is unresponsive?#

Contact the OpenMarkets team for support.

What if I need to talk to a provider over the phone?#

Contact OpenMarkets to set up a conference call. The OpenMarkets Exchange is used by providers to simplify the equipment purchasing process. Therefore, sharing outside links, emails, and phone numbers through the Exchange is highly discouraged as it complicates the equipment purchasing process.

What if I’m connected to an opportunity with a provider I’ve worked with in the past?#

Regardless of whether you’ve had a relationship or communication with a provider in the past, if the lead originates with OpenMarkets, you’re expected to work and communicate on the Exchange. Remember, they’re likely engaging in multiple supplier conversations on this same request and centralizing communication allows the provider to keep track of everything in one place.

Who do I contact if the equipment I purchased from a provider isn’t as advertised?#

Questions, concerns or other issues should be resolved directly between the buyer and the seller. OpenMarkets does not maintain liability for equipment issues or malfunctions, including damages, logistical issues, missing products, and the like.

I quoted so much and have not won a deal. What should I do?#

Please engage our team! We have members dedicated to the success of our suppliers. We can take a deeper look into your opportunities, conversations, etc. and identify why you may not be winning deals and strategize on actionable next steps.

What happens if I need to speak directly with a provider I was introduced to on the Exchange?#

Please notify OpenMarkets by clicking the blue chat button at the bottom right corner of your screen before you communicate with the seller via phone/email. OpenMarkets will help facilitate communication. This policy is for the safety, protection and privacy preferences of our community, and voluntary “off-platform” communication may result in a fee or restricted use of the Exchange.

How do I get in touch immediately with OpenMarkets?#

By phone: 866-447-3270. By email: While logged in: Click the blue chat button at the bottom right corner of your screen.