How to Sell Equipment on OpenMarkets (video + user commentary)

Luke Martin, Director of Materials Management at Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, TX, recently explained the variety of ways in which he uses OpenMarkets, including capital budgeting, approval workflow, and the buying and selling of equipment. He touched on his own process of listing equipment on the platform and how the rest of the team at Shannon is involved. 

From the session, here are the two reasons selling equipment on OpenMarkets is the best way to recoup maximum value:

  • You’ll be connected with multiple specialty remanufacturers. These suppliers often will pay more than a general remanufacturer, as they know just how to refurbish the equipment the right way and restore maximum value. 
  • Supplier inventories fluctuate. Using OpenMarkets ensures you’ll be connected to multiple suppliers, and the one who needs your equipment the most is likely to pay the most. 

The attending providers were able to see how exactly to list their equipment on The Exchange, and learned the benefits of being able to compare quotes from multiple suppliers at once. 

From Luke’s perspective, they use OpenMarkets to sell equipment because:

OM is a centralized platform where we can upload photos of what we want to sell with a target offer. All of the communication takes place inside the tool, which eliminates a lot of back and forth. I just make a note to go in there at the end of each day to see where we’re at with all of our requests instead of having to dig through a bunch of old emails and voicemails.



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